Oxford proposes a zero-carbon transport system

AJ Gonzalez | February 23, 2022

Transport Xtra, February 19, 2022

The proposals will see the introduction of a city-wide workplace parking levy, traffic filters and a wider zero emission zone, together with improved public transport and cycle routes

Transport emissions currently account for 17% of greenhouse gas emissions in Oxford. In order to achieve a zero carbon transport network in the city by 2040, a 30% reduction in the use of vehicular transport through increases in cycling, walking, home-working, car sharing and car clubbing is needed.

The new proposals include:

  • Workplace parking levy: The councils are proposing to extend the Workplace Parking Levy (WPL) to cover employers across the city. By law, money raised by the levy must be spent on improving transport in the city.
  • Traffic filters: Six traffic filters are proposed on certain roads to reduce traffic congestion, improve bus journey times and create safer routes for cyclists and pedestrians.
  • Zero Emission Zone (ZEZ): The councils propose to extend the ZEZ from the current pilot area to cover the entire city centre.

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