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Connectivity as a right: ending the digital divide and digital poverty

April 5, 2024

Neil C. Hughes, CyberNews.com, April 2, 2024

The digital divide represents an expanding disparity between individuals with access to online resources and those without access. This phenomenon is pervasive and affects various regions globally.

In the UK, nearly half of all families find themselves outside the reach of modern digital society. At the same time, internet providers’ neglect in the US has resulted in rural communities being significantly underserved. This issue underscores a critical challenge in ensuring equitable access to digital infrastructure and services.

However, this divide spans more than just geographical lines, distinguishing between developed and developing nations and urban and rural locales. It also cuts deep through societal strata, affecting diverse groups based on age, education, and gender.
The effects of the great digital divide are profound and widespread, not just on paper but in the real lives of countless individuals. It can intensify feelings of isolation and limit the opportunities available to many. It can even hinder a family’s ability to get crucial healthcare, chase educational goals, or keep their mental health in check. It’s a stark reminder of the tech’s impact on society and the urgent need to address such gaps.

From connectivity to opportunity: eradicating digital poverty

Digital poverty is more than just being unable to afford a decent internet connection. It’s also about having the right equipment and knowledge to navigate today’s digital jungle. To some, the digital age can feel like a parallel universe where opportunities for learning, working, and staying healthy seem out of reach. This is where the stark reality of digital poverty hits home, making it an issue far beyond being online or offline.
Now, throw AI into the mix. AI is revolutionizing education, promising personalized learning paths and innovative educational tools. But here’s the catch: its benefits are only as good as people’s access. If we don’t bridge this digital divide, AI might be another hurdle for those already lagging, making the leap from digital poverty to digital empowerment even harder.

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