Our Platform

OnePak's customized cloud-based platform enables all stakeholders in any circular logistics process to initiate, manage and track the movement of goods. From tools in the cloud to apps in hand to feet on the street, OnePak provides best-in-class customer experience through mobile-enhanced scheduling, onsite packing, pickup and timely delivery for a range of asset types for any repurpose: reuse, refurbish or recycle. Shipping methods range from single items shipped by customers via parcel carrier to truckloads of assets packed onsite by our certified crews. OnePak technologies ensure all stakeholders have visibility to each step of every shipment so that all parties are accountable and there are no surprises.

Mobile Apps

The mobile app used by onsite crews has evolved as technology improved over the past decade, too. While advances in phone technology, cloud services and cellular connectivity have expanded what is possible, OnePak has met the challenge of supporting multiple device types and capabilities. The result is a continuously improving app that guides the driver through the right SOP for each pickup and captures the appropriate data, photos and customer signature needed for each pickup.


More than a decade ago, OnePak pioneered the first national IT asset handler certification program. We learned along the way that simply providing an online training course is just one piece of the puzzle. We built on that foundation over time to create support tools and processes that continue to engage drivers and their crews, and adapt as the asset mix and procedures evolve. No one has a longer, stronger track record of training onsite crews than OnePak.

Logistics Software

OnePak's technology engine links you to the best logistics services at the best prices, determines efficient routing for drivers, organizes the delivery of customized packaging materials, and deploys OnePak-trained professionals to pack and transport equipment. We are the intersection between all stakeholders in your asset recovery transaction, and provide a view to all the information partners require. With visibility comes accountability. When you can see every step of the process, every party is held accountable for their role in your program. With the data gathered in the OnePak system, you can generate the reports needed for business reviews or compliance reporting using the KPIs that are important to you for each of your vendors or stakeholders.

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