Re-thinking Repurposing

Re-thinking the Impact of Repurposing

Pam Daniels | April 21, 2023

Every year on April 22nd, people around the world celebrate Earth Day to focus on the importance of protecting our planet. Millions participate in rallies, marches, and other events to raise awareness about environmental issues, and millions more aim to transform the world by practicing small acts every day.

By learning new ways of using everyday things, we are empowered to practice the 5 R’s: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Repurpose.

Onepak is known for our reverse logistics platform that enables organizations to return, recycle and reuse electronics, but as individuals, we can make a difference, albeit smaller, every day. The positive impact of our accumulated efforts to reduce waste at our workplaces and at home inspires all of us to keep doing our part.

Whether refusing single-use plastics, reducing our energy consumption, reusing grocery bags, recycling household items to keep them out of landfills, or repurposing old items, every small action can help create a more sustainable future.

In honor of Earth Day, Onepak turns a spotlight on the concept of repurposing. Repurposing old items is a great way to reduce waste, save money, and create unique pieces for our homes and workspaces. There are countless items that can be repurposed, from old clothing to furniture to household items.

To refresh our repurposing toolboxes, we tapped our creative group of problem-solving employees to share their best ideas for finding new uses for items that might otherwise be thrown away.  We were impressed with all the ways our staff members practice living sustainably. Ideas include:

  • – Create beautiful memory quilts with our kids’ activity and sports t-shirts
  • – Transform ice cube trays into storage for small workshop items or earrings,
  • – Turn wine corks into mini planter fridge magnets
  • – Repurpose wide-mouth spaghetti sauce jars into drinking glasses or trail mix storage
  • – Save money by upcycling thrift shop and garage sale finds
  • – Use pull tabs from aluminum cans as picture hooks
  • – Clean tile grout by using an old toothbrush as a mini scrub brush
  • – Save plastic berry containers to use as broadcasters when it’s time to spread grass seed, or as a mini greenhouse to start seeds in the spring
  • – Set spring-tension curtain rods under your sink to provide a convenient hook for spray bottles

A passion for repurposing also supports local businesses and artists. Many small businesses specialize in repurposing items or creating upcycled products. By purchasing from these businesses, you can support sustainable practices and invest in one-of-a-kind pieces that are made with care and creativity.

This Earth Day, consider how you can incorporate repurposing into your life. Whether you repurpose items you already have, shop at local businesses that specialize in upcycling, or find other ways to reduce waste, every small action can make a difference.  Let’s act together – at work and at home – to protect our planet and create a more sustainable future.  Share your repurposing ideas with us!

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