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Advice from Women in Logistics – Celebrating International Women’s Day 2023

Christen Martines | March 8, 2023

Women make up 47.7% of the global workforce and their contribution to business and society cannot be underestimated. In fact, 51% of Onepak’s employees are women. Our company principles are based on social equity and we work to support underrepresented social groups, most recently with an initiative to identify the women-owned businesses that we work with.

For International Women’s Day 2023 we’ve asked some of our friends and colleagues in the logistics and reverse logistics industry to share advice with other women. As you’ll see, these words of wisdom and encouragement can apply to women in any industry, not just logistics.


Rachelle Dicker, General Manager, Gold Rush Express Delivery

21 years in the industry means I was often the only woman in the room. I do have one memory of a second woman in the room. She was late to the meeting and the men in the room had all agreed on a later project deadline. She came in and asked why it couldn’t be done sooner. No one had a reason. She inspires me to stand my ground when I think things can be done better. My advice to women in the industry: have confidence and believe in yourself. Don’t let anyone make you feel like you don’t belong because you do!

Ruth Ospino, CEO, Cheetah Final Mile

My advice to women in the industry would be to know YOUR WORTH. Be confident and assertive and be proud to leave your mark. Women are slowly coming into this industry and the numbers are growing. It may seem easier said than done, but if women support women we can do anything.

Ellen Voie, CAE, Founder, Women in Trucking Association

My advice to women in the industry would be to take a risk! You can do this but you’ll need to push beyond your comfort zone.  Working in a male populated environment is challenging, but achievable. Make sure you have a thick skin, as you may be teased or worse, harassed, by people who don’t think you should be working in logistics.  Ignore them, you are capable, so don’t stoop to their level.

Lorena Camargo, CEO & Founder, PearlTrans Logistics

My advice would be that, as a woman, there will be many times when you’ll walk into a room and you might be one of the few women, or sometimes the only woman… don’t be intimidated. Take a deep breath. Believe in yourself, your abilities and your potential. Constantly remind yourself of your strengths. No single person knows it all, regardless of their gender. So, grab a seat in the front row, speak up, share your thoughts and know you add value!

Lisa Lewis, Owner, Primetime Delivery and Warehouse

Someone told me at the beginning of my career to always be willing to learn from people what is working for them, and what is not. I have found that most people will help you if you just ask them.  Also, stay ahead of technology, learn how to best utilize it.  Be honest and straightforward with your thoughts and stay true to your commitments.


On behalf of Onepak, we would like to thank these women leaders for their business advice. Their depth of expertise is remarkable and we hope their suggestions have challenged you to take a risk or approach your work with a fresh perspective.

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