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Why Corporate Sustainability Goals Fail (And What Leaders Can Do About It)

March 6, 2024

Mary Riddle,, Mar 5, 2024

A new report from GlobeScan and the software giant Salesforce pinpoints exactly what’s keeping business leaders from reaching their sustainability goals.

Ninety-three percent of sustainability, finance, and technology leaders think sustainability is key to the financial success and longevity of their businesses, but only 37 percent say sustainability is well-integrated into company operations, according to the report based on   a survey of over 200 professionals across North America, Europe and Asia.

While sustainability excellence is often linked with long-term business success, many corporate leaders are not giving sustainability the capital it needs to succeed, the report found.

TriplePundit spoke to Robert G. Eccles, founding chairman of the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) and co-author of the report, about how companies can address the gaps that are stalling their progress.

“Our results sadly show that, despite all the happy talk about the importance of sustainability, senior management teams aren’t giving it the attention and resources it needs to really contribute to value creation,” Eccles said. “Companies either need to dial back their claims about the benefits of their sustainability initiatives, or face this challenge head-on with more senior management commitment and capital.”

How companies can close the gaps that stand in the way of their sustainability goals

While companies face significant barriers to implementing sustainability programs and realizing the value created by those programs, some solutions and strategies can close the gaps.

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