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How Educational Institutions Can Help Build A Sustainable Future

Christen Martines | September 8, 2023

Faisal Alayyan,, August 18, 2023

Standing on the precipice of environmental uncertainty, the urgency for action toward sustainability and climate change is heightened by the accelerating climate crisis, as seen in rising global temperatures, melting ice caps and erratic weather. Yet, amid these daunting challenges, hope emerges from global efforts as the world acknowledges its responsibilities and progressively strides toward sustainability.

Various educational initiatives mirror these transformative efforts, championing multifaceted approaches to combat climate change. As an academic, I am inspired and actively involved in this pivotal movement, driven by my concern for the future of our youth and upcoming generations.

Educational Reforms: Cultivating Sustainability

We must acknowledge the critical role of education in promoting sustainability. This cognizance can spur the incorporation of environmental education into the curriculum. Many schools are pioneering in their efforts to instill values of conservation and the appreciation of natural resources among students. Higher education entities, like my very own Higher Colleges of Technology, have reworked not only the curriculum but also the operational practices and organizational culture to adapt to a greener and more sustainable future.

Additionally, in the UAE, I think the adoption of the Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) approach attests to the educational sector’s determination to address environmental preservation and biodiversity protection. By empowering learners to make informed decisions and assume responsible actions, ESD aims to achieve environmental integrity and economic viability.

I have come to believe that charity begins at home, and there is nothing more noble than educating our upcoming generation on the impact of climate change and the active steps we can take to mitigate its negative impacts.

Moving Forward

Our pursuit of a sustainable future requires an integrative approach. An unwavering commitment to sustainable development resonates globally, demonstrating that sustainability is not merely an objective but a collective journey, one demanding shared responsibility, innovative solutions and an unwavering commitment to education and knowledge.

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