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Sustainable Ideas for Eco-Friendly Home Activities

Christen Martines | April 13, 2023

Blue and Green, April 3, 2023, Annie Quresh

This year’s Earth Day 2023 with its theme of ‘Invest In Our Planet’, provides the ideal prompt to take another look at how to make everyday activities in the home more sustainable. From climate-friendly gardening to inspiring art for our home’s interiors, learning to be eco-conscious doing the hobbies we love can have a positive impact on our health, the properties we live in and our planet.

Sometimes it can feel like if it weren’t for our hobbies we would just spend our lives working, doing chores, and sleeping. But with so much focus on lowering our carbon footprints and environmental impact, it can be a concern that our hobbies don’t follow suit.

Rather than denying ourselves the satisfaction and enjoyment we get from our hobbies, however, we can make sustainable alterations to the activities we love to keep enjoying them guilt-free. So whether you love arts and crafts, DIY projects around the home, or getting green-fingered in the backyard, here are our top tips for making your hobbies more sustainable.

What Makes an Activity Sustainable?

For an activity to be considered sustainable you must use resources wisely and conscientiously to reduce consumption and our carbon footprint. That could be through using recycled or repurposed materials or you may seek alternative materials that are organic, renewable, or don’t use chemicals that are harmful to the environment. For example, the act of upcycling can be both a hobby and something sustainable.

Eco-friendly Gardening

Gardening is, by nature, a sustainable activity but some methods can help you to enjoy your hobby and live your life in a more environmentally friendly manner. From using native species and planting trees to changing with the seasons, there are plenty of ways to enjoy gardening sustainably.

Avoiding Harmful Chemicals

One of the hardest things for a gardener is to see their plants, crops, and produce eaten alive by pests such as insects, birds, or rodents. The temptation can be to reach for pesticides to deter any would-be pests from snacking their way through your plants.

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