Carbon Neutral

The Benefits of Pursuing Carbon-Neutral Strategies

Onepak is committed to providing carbon-neutral services across all lines of our business. We understand that every pickup and shipment generates carbon emissions. While many companies talk about “carbon offsets,” not all offsets are created equal. “Carbon offset” is an umbrella term that includes emission reductions, avoidance and removals. Here are the differences:

Reductions can help slow the pace of climate change.

Avoidance of emissions stops the acceleration of climate change.

Neither actually REVERSES climate change.
The ONLY way to negate or reverse emissions is to REMOVE and store carbon.

Only 5% of voluntary offsets are carbon removal, which means we are already in rarified territory.

So, to be considered truly “carbon neutral,” Onepak is committed to removing as much carbon as is emitted through the services we provide. To that end, we created a plan with a phased approach and achievable goals—and then we beat those goals. Since we can’t control our logistics partners, we are taking responsibility for these emissions until our partners can successfully transition to low-carbon or carbon-neutral services.

Onepak has chosen to partner with authenticated third-party verifiers of carbon removal that track their progress on blockchain to ensure complete transparency and accountability in our certification.

Reusable Transport Packaging Asset Management

In 2017 Onepak brought IOT tracking devices to reusable packaging clients to enable them to make more efficient use of their assets. By using our tools to better track asset inventories and to better analyze dwell, transit and cycle times, companies can maximize the number of cycles each bin, crate or reel logs in its lifetime. This means fewer transport packaging units need to be produced, minimizing the use of virgin materials to operate the supply chain.

Impact Monitoring

But how do you track all this?

In 2020, we began a comprehensive analysis of our carbon footprint across all lines of business and for our own operations and technologies. As this process revealed opportunities for the company to reduce and offset its environmental impact, we created policies and processes to hold ourselves and our partners more accountable. As a first step, we have committed to purchasing carbon offsets for each line of business. To do that effectively, we’ve implemented the reporting infrastructure to support the measurement and management of our offset strategies.

We can provide clients with a complete report to support their own sustainability and ESG initiatives.

Offset Goals

Onepak has set and met goals for reaching carbon neutrality for each line of business and the processes that support them. Here’s an overview of those goals:

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