Free shipping: 8 moments that transformed e-commerce

AJ Gonzalez | March 25, 2022

Longview News Journal, Lauren Liebhaber,  Updated 

Consumers have come to expect perks like free or fast shipping—both, ideally. Without the guarantee of either, people are unlikely to complete a purchase. And with free shipping came the advent of free returns, and then refunds without returns. 

  1. Amazon Prime brings unlimited free shipping to the masses
  2. People quickly decide free shipping is the only way
  3. Free shipping can make consumers act irrationally
  4. Free Shipping Day begins in 2008
  5. With free shipping comes free returns
  6. Free shipping can be damaging to small businesses
  7. It can be damaging to the environment as well
  8. Shipping might still be free, but it’s getting more expensive for retailers

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