Circular aquaculture

AJ Gonzalez | April 1, 2022

 The Fish Site, 28 March 2022, at 12:16pm

Seven European H2020 Aquaculture projects – have published the Policy Recommendations For a More Circular Aquaculture report.

  • The report uses advanced digital information technology to monitor all aspects of fish and their environment.
  • The ambition of iFishIENCi is to improve the efficiency, sustainability and resilience of traditional and innovative production systems, demonstrating disruptive IoT/AI based innovations, considering the feeding value chain and addressing commercially-important species with fish quality as focus.
  • iFishIENCi aims to identify new value chains for the valorisation of specific waste (dirty water, sludge) from different production systems, leading to zero-waste targets.
  • In addition they demonstrate how strain selection and smart breeding can support optimizing the feeding efficiency, essential to ensure the growth of EU aquaculture production and fulfill the protein needs of the developing countries.

Click here for access to the full article.

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