21 solutions to make our economy more circular

AJ Gonzalez | February 25, 2022

GreenBiz, By Giorgia Marino, February 25, 2022

21 solutions.   It starts by providing an overview of how much we consume and how little we save, repair, share, reuse and recycle, the report methodically divides the economic system into seven areas that correspond to the needs and wants of society: home; food; mobility; consumables; services; healthcare; communication. For each area, it identifies possible measures towards greater circularity and efficiency, according to four basic principles: use fewer resources; make them last longer; regenerate; recycle.

  1. Housing & Infrastructure (6)
  2. Nutrition (4)
  3. Mobility (5)
  4. Manufactured Goods (4)
  5. Healthcare (1)
  6. Communication (1)

Click here for access to the Full Circularity Report


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