McDonald’s Happy Food Says Goodbye To Plastic Toys

AJ Gonzalez | February 16, 2021

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McDonald’s Happy Food Says Goodbye To Plastic Toys

Afamous McDonald’s happy food with a history of more than 40 years is going to experience a little revolution. Of course, as reported Parisian, The American brand will draw a document about plastic toys in its French restaurants. A step that should take effect today, even if some institutions are a little late. Instead, customers can find coloring books, collectible cards, and cardboard toys.

“I have made the decision to remove plastic wherever possible, and we have invested heavily in innovation with answers that are relevant to our users and the environment,” explains Navfal Trobelsi, CEO of McDonald’s France. This choice to transform Happy Meal is actually part of the desire to make the brand “green”. In 2019, the brand announced the removal of straw and its intention to reduce the widespread use of plastic in Europe. A new packaging has been announced for a dessert called McFlory.

As pointed out BFM TV, Two little British girls missing plastic toys at McDonald’s. All submitted a petition to Caitlin to stop thinking about McDonald’s environment and to stop distributing such products. After more than 500,000 signatures, the brand decided to operate in France, England and Ireland.
McDonald’s is ahead of the lawBut in this position of McDonald’s, not only the environmental dimension must be taken into account. The February 2020 Circular Economy Act bans plastic toys on children’s menus. Restaurant chains have until Jan. 1, 2022, to approve the legislation. Over the past decade, McDonald’s has already stepped up its environmental activities. Parisian : Organic milk in milk shakes, used frying vehicles or waste sorting system. The next step is to reach 2023. On that date, due to the amendment to the Anti-Waste Act, fast food restaurants will have to use reusable resources for customers serving on site.

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The Zero Waste France Association, which fights against pollution and waste disposal, remains skeptical of this position. “We do not want to change the model, because they do not question the principle of low – end single use toys that promote excessive consumption and waste production,” said Judge Alice Elfassi, co-chair of the Environmentally Responsible Legal Daily Column.

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