Help Save the Environment by Buying Refurbished Phones

AJ Gonzalez | November 18, 2020

The Jerusalem Post, NOVEMBER 15, 2020 09:29

Over the years, technology has transformed and revolutionized the world.

Over the years, technology has transformed and revolutionized the world. With more innovations and advancements in hardware and software applications, consumers’ buying preferences are constantly evolving.
With the rise of smartphones and other electronics products, the world has seen a significant increase in technological consumption, leading to an unprecedented environmental impact. The growth of environmental awareness has resulted in the adoption of many environmental-friendly products and sustainable practices. However, one approach that people have avoided is opting for refurbished mobile devices.
Apart from being inexpensive, refurbished phones help protect the environment. Let’s see the different ways refurbished phones help save the environment.

Reduces Energy Consumption

Take a moment to think about the effort, time, and human resources needed to manufacture an electronic device. The harmful pollutants and energy released are difficult to comprehend because of the massive volume of devices manufactured due to high demand.
All this has a long-lasting impact on the consumption of limited resources that are available at present. However, buying a refurbished phone can significantly reduce energy consumption that would otherwise go into manufacturing a new device. When purchasing a refurbished gadget, make sure to check the minor technical glitches and get them fixed.

Reduces Toxicity

A mobile device contains many toxic components that can lead to soil or water contamination if they end up in the landfill. Improper waste disposal harms the environment and can be easily avoided by buying a refurbished phone.

Lowers Electronic Waste
Do you know what happens to dumped electronic devices? The continuous manufacturing of electronic devices and dumping results in waste production. Since recycling is not always possible, the waste ends up in landfills. Buying refurbished phones will put an end to this cycle. The environmental impact of using refurbished devices is much less than buying a new product.

Better Than Recycling

Although the impact of recycling on the environment is positive, it does take a lot of time and energy to recycle electronic products. Not only does it consume a lot of energy, but it also appears to be highly inefficient for the devices. Additionally, the amount of waste generated is massive, as many electronic parts cannot be recycled. Thus, using a refurbished phone can fulfill the motive behind ‘reuse and reduce.’

Fewer Raw Materials

The majority of raw materials used in manufacturing electronics are difficult to source. Moreover, they require extensive mining and digging into the earth. The carbon footprint generated from transporting the materials to the manufacturing facilities is considerably high.
Additionally, people use unethical mining practices such as inhumane working conditions and employment of children. These implications of purchasing a brand new phone can be avoided when one opts for an old electronic product.

Less Carbon Footprint

The carbon footprint that’s generated from the production of an electronic device from scratch is relatively high. By the time the product reaches the marketplace, it’s done immense harm to the environment directly and indirectly.
By opting for a refurbished phone, you’re basically extending the product’s lifespan, thereby saving a properly functioning phone from ending up in the landfill. Using an old electronic product resets the clock and reduces the environmental impact. Reducing the carbon footprint is an essential step toward an eco-friendly lifestyle in today’s digital era.

Supports the Circular Economy

By buying a refurbished phone online, people can still get a good deal on a device that might only be a few months old. With most smartphone manufacturers now offering free software updates, this gives people access to the latest technology for a small part of the cost of purchasing a new one. The Big Phone Store, a seller and buyer of refurbished phones are an example of this as they provide a way to both buy your new phone as well as a way to get rid of your old one in a safe, environmentally friendly way.
The concept of a circular economy is becoming popular and for a good reason. It’s about ensuring that you extend a product’s lifespan, and not just for a few years while they are still trendy. The majority of tech gadgets are robust and are built to be long-lasting. So, when electronic gadgets are refurbished and placed back into circulation, this extends the lifespan of the product and
reduces the overall environmental impact on the planet.

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