An Airline Transforms Its Lease Return Process

Leasing office equipment for large enterprises can be a complicated process. Large companies have multiple locations with a range of assets, and equipment is often switched out mid-lease, so the asset-level data can be incorrect when the return authorization (RA) is issued. Many corporate asset managers find it beneficial to rely on outside expertise in efficiently managing the lease return process.

The Challenge

Onepak works with a leading airline which leases copiers and multifunction printers for its food service operations. The airline was spending far too much time organizing its lease returns and turned to Onepak for help.

At the end of an equipment lease, the lessee generally has about a month to return the equipment after resolving final payments. For most lessees, the onus is on them to safely pack and ship the correct assets back to the lessor.

Just as most people don’t read the fine print when installing new software or purchasing new electronic devices, most companies don’t pay close attention to the detailed requirements of returning equipment at end of lease. For example, if the serial number of each unit to be picked up does not match the original paperwork, the pickup process will fail, leading to increased costs and hassle.

The Solution

Known for developing innovative online platforms for managing reverse logistics, Onepak hosts customized, self-service portals for its clients so they can manage the process with full transparency. The airline took advantage of Onepak’s ReturnCenter as the information hub for returning leased equipment. Since the airline started working with Onepak in 2016, Onepak has performed end-of-lease copier returns across their U.S. airport sites, totaling as many as 2,000 copiers in a single year.

This client is able to log in to her account in the system to request pickups herself and track the process door to door. Part of the value-add is for Onepak to reconfirm that the asset onsite matches the asset-level data in the return authorization.

If the lease is through a lessor using Onepak’s system to issue the RA, Onepak can assist with resolving any discrepancies with the lessor. In these instances, it’s as simple as clicking on a link in an RA and answering a few questions about the pickup in the ReturnCenter. The make, model and serial numbers of each piece of equipment are already in the system, based on data received from the lessor.

This particular client, however, prefers more personalized assistance from Onepak’s team, who usually inputs the data and schedules the return. Onepak’s customer service philosophy is to cheerfully provide that flexibility whenever needed.

The Advantage

With a customized online ReturnCenter, the entire process is fully transparent to the client, who can log in at any time and see the status of their equipment pickup and delivery.

Onepak helps the client make more environmentally-sound choices. As an ESG-driven company (Environmental, Social and Governance), it looks at the most environmentally efficient and friendly ways to do business. For example, on pickups it often requests a remarketer nearest to the pickup point, to reduce environmental impact.

The airline works only with a limited number of experienced, well-trained logistics partners for copier pickups that strictly follow Onepak’s Service Level Agreement (SLA). All assets for pickup are insured against any physical damagebased on the value of the equipment determined by the lessor in the return authorization.

The airline has streamlined its lease return process. With Onepak resolving all discrepancies at the time a return shipment is requested and ensuring equip- ment is returned on time and in good working order, they have saved time and money. Additionally, the client is more confident, knowing she can call Onepak for one-on-one assistance.

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