A Smarter, Technology-Driven Supply Chain with Reusable Packaging Systems

By The Reusable Packaging Association

Note: Shawn Stockman, Onepak Vice President of Sustainability Solutions,  is a board member of the Reusable Packaging Association and a member of its Technology Working Group.

Read the full paper here: RPA-Technology-White-Paper-2023.Final-Version

Executive Summary

The widespread adoption and deployment of Reusable Transport Packaging (RTP) assets such as pallets, bins, and containers continue to drive more extensive uses for the commercial distribution of goods. The ongoing advancements of tracking-based technologies enable these reusable assets to ensure long-term, recurring use within a system that structures their recovery and returns for the intended purpose. As reusable transport packaging assets travel through the supply chain, they can be identified and communicated through various technologies. This can include the places, asset identification, and transportation mode(s) across the supply chain.

This white paper explores the following five areas:

“HOW” the necessity for visibility in reusable packaging and supply chains continues to address operational efficiencies and performance.

“WHY” consistent implementation and deployment of identification and communication capabilities in the logistics supply chain is growing in importance given the digital transformation trend motivating operational efficiencies, customer experience, and new business operating models.

“WHAT” technology and related solutions are available, and when to deploy them?
“HOW” identity and communication capabilities provide data trustworthiness and integrity for operational

insights, adding value to your business.

“HOW” to begin accessing the available identification and communication technology capabilities.

This 2023 updated Technology-Driven Supply Chain with Reusable Packaging Systems white paper aims to provide an improved understanding today of using connected and data transmitting reusable assets to track and monitor the supply chain. It is essential today as more business leaders turn their attention and focus on a more effective, resilient, and transparent supply chain.

Read the full paper here: RPA-Technology-White-Paper-2023.Final-Version  or contact us if you’d like to discuss these ideas.

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