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Shipping Kits
LARGE/PC RePak TM, Carton size 24x20x12, Max Item Size 20x16x8 / 40 lbs
Inflatable Void-Fill Air Bag for Top
Peel-Off Strip SuperSeal Adhesive
Air Bag Covers Item
Good for CD/DVD players, computer equipment, home electronics, small appliances, bulky items and more...
Inflatable Air Cushion for Top and Two Sides
Inflating Straw
Large Printer-Ready Laser Address Label 24” x 20” x 12” White ProShip Carton Assembly CD with Label Printing Wizard
Large RePak Complete Shipping Supply Kit
The ideal packaging and shipping solution for home electronics, computers and other bulky items. The Large RePak contains a roomy 24"x20"x12" mailing box. Like the other RePaks, there is no need for packing peanuts, bubble wrap or shipping tape as the Kit includes large inflatable air cushions that surround and protect your item, an additional oversized void-fill air bag to hold your cushioned item in place, pre-applied adhesive strips to seal the box, and a large printer-ready address label.
  Save Money. Save Time. Save a Trip. Meets all US shipping requirements!