Saturday Startup Spotlight: eCarra

AJ Gonzalez | September 1, 2020

Capital Factory Blog, By Raven Garza |  03/13/2020 | Getting Started

Capital Factory’s Saturday Startup Spotlight series features intimate chats with some of the latest founders taking hold of the startup ecosystem today. We’re returning this week with the CEO from eCarraRock Robinson. eCarra is an upscale electric car service that provides in-car experiences, emissions-free.

Learn more about how they’re creating exciting, customizable rides for customers while also working on cleaning up the environment.

Can you pitch your company to us?

eCarra is a passenger car service built on a multi-tenant architecture. We deliver clean and luxurious experiences in Tesla vehicles. While other car services offer last-minute, impersonal solutions, the eCarra app allows clients to fully customize every aspect of their ride, down to the desired mood, music, and stops along the way.

You can also track your individual emissions savings in our app, and we’ll even plant a tree for every ride you complete.

What is the current goal you’re aiming to achieve?

We’re creating a machine. 2019 was all about the MVP, traction, software development, and infrastructure— we grossed $100,000. 2020 is about growth: increasing brand awareness, reservation count, and Tesla partners.


As startup founders, what challenges are you facing as you navigate the entrepreneurial world?

We have some massive challenges, from finding the right people to building the right systems and processes. When it comes to capital, we want to make sure we generate as much as we can while we raise. Of course, it’s a real challenge getting people to realize that we have to do something about the negative effects of tailpipe gasses.

What connections are you looking for at Capital Factory? Who would you like to meet?

We’re looking to connect with people that could help us in the corporate space. We’re the new standard in ridesharing— most companies have some go green initiative, and we want to assist. We’re also looking for green leaders; people and groups that advocate for sustainable solutions.

What do you want our community to know about eCarra?

We no longer have the luxury of not caring about the environment. But that doesn’t mean we can’t create great experiences in the process of cleaning it up. What makes us different is we plan to license our platform to future electric micro fleets all over the world as we set the example of consistent, emissions-free mobility.


Thank you for sharing your story with us, Rock!

Do you have a sustainable idea that you’d like to explore in the startup scene? Are you interested in disrupting the transportation industry?

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