Reverse Logistics Operation Management Based on Virtual Enterprises and Complaint Service Management

May 15, 2020

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Based on analyzing the difficulties of reverse logistics operation management and discussed the new environment as the economic society developing continuously and discussing the feasibility of virtual enterprise, an operation management mode for reverse logistics based on virtual enterprise is presented in this paper. By analyzing the relationships between complaint service management and reverse logistics, the complaint service management (CSM) is considered in reverse logistics, we take into consideration the process computing of CSM by combing the computer technology, the communi-cation technology and the information technology.

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Using by the computer telephone integration technology, an integration multi-channels collection can be designed; the evaluation of complaint and production is supported by intelligent decision support system; considering the different disposal countermeasures, the CSM processing system is determined to implement corresponding disposal which reflects the utility of CSM. The organization framework, the operational process, the dynamic durative of virtual enterprise, those are expounded in detail. By using Fuzzy AHP technique, the hierarchical and the multi-criteria decision making problems for virtual enterprise are considered and the optimized selection is presented.

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