Mediolanum International Funds launches sustainable Global Impact Fund

AJ Gonzalez | November 23, 2020

International Investment, Christopher Copper-Ind, @intlinvestment, 23 November 2020

The fund’s objective is to achieve long-term capital growth while contributing towards a more sustainable and inclusive world, investing in a diversified portfolio of global equity securities through an active multi-manager approach. Initially the managers on the fund will be Baillie Gifford and Federated Hermes.

Both firms are widely acknowledged for their expertise in the impact investing arena providing exposure across impact themes and sustainable development goals on top of geographic, capitalisation and sector diversification.

Initially the managers on the fund will be Baillie Gifford and Federated Hermes.”

The fund will invest in companies whose products and services are providing solutions to global challenges rather than simply investing in companies who adopt responsible business practices or excluding companies that are doing harm.

In the pursuit to deliver a positive change, Mediolanum has established four impact themes that help the team articulate how companies are addressing global challenges:

  1. Social Inclusion and Education
  2. Environment and Resource Needs
  3. Healthcare and Quality of Life
  4. Base of the Pyramid (addressing the needs of the poorest four billion people in the world).

Christophe Jaubert, CIO and head of research multi-management at MIFL commented: “The ultimate objective of this fund is to make a positive difference, both for our clients and the society as-a-whole by combining impact investment with our fiduciary duty to deliver attractive, long term risk adjusted returns.”

“We are continuously looking to provide our clients with optimal and diversified portfolios that capture the best sustainable returns opportunities, and this represents an evolution of existing market-leading funds.”

Jaubert added: “As markets continue to feel the on-going effects of the global pandemic, investors are increasingly looking to allocate towards the support of a greener recovery. Based on client feedback, we have leveraged wide-ranging expertise to create bespoke, next-generation impact investment product.”

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