Lovesac and Threekit Partner Up to Reduce to Reduce Ecommerce Returns

AJ Gonzalez | December 3, 2020

Furniture World News, By Nic Ledoux on 12/1/2020

Ecommerce product returns last year led to 5 billion pounds of waste and 15 million tons of CO2 emissions. As ecommerce sales increase during COVID-19, this problem is only growing.

To combat this environmental challenge, The Lovesac Company, a direct-to-consumer specialty furniture brand and Threekit, the 3D and augmented reality (AR) imaging platform for e-commerce, are partnering to reduce ecommerce product returns while delivering a superior user experience.

Research shows that high-quality product images can reduce ecommerce returns by 30% to 50%. By partnering with Threekit, Lovesac is able to show furniture in 3D online and let shoppers customize and configure products in multiple combinations, in real time. This new experience allows consumers to see exactly what it is they are hoping to buy.

“Lovesac is a company driven by innovation and sustainability,” said Shawn Nelson, CEO of Lovesac. “We saw the opportunity to create a better user experience so that people can create their own Sactional configuration, and because of this enhanced experience, we expect to see fewer returns, which is ultimately better for the environment and for our world. We’re thrilled about working with Threekit to make it happen.”

In a study done with Harris Poll, Threekit found that 66% of online shoppers said that 3D/AR visuals would increase their confidence that they’re buying the right product. Not only do the types of images improve this experience, but having more images does as well. In fact, shoppers today expect as many as eight images per product – up from just three in 2016. Utilizing this insight, the Lovesac configuration experience offers multiple types of images to enhance the consumer’s journey.

“The online shopping experience is changing permanently and for the better,” said Matt Gorniak, CEO of Threekit. “Not only do 3D and AR product visuals enhance the customer experience, but they are also becoming a staple of sustainable businesses. We’re proud to partner with a company that is so forward-thinking and infuses its sustainability mission into every aspect of its business.”

About Threekit: Threekit is a world leader in helping companies create and manage product visuals. It enables some of the top brands and retailers to provide amazing visual customer experiences with 3D, Virtual Photographer™️, and now with configurable augmented reality visuals. When buyers can see products represented realistically, they are more engaged, confident, and less likely to return products. The company was founded by Ben Houston, a 17-year Hollywood visual effects software innovator and a dedicated group of experienced computer graphics professionals.

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About Lovesac: Based in Stamford, Connecticut, The Lovesac Company is a direct-to-consumer specialty furniture brand with approximately 90 retail showrooms supporting its ecommerce delivery model. Lovesac’s name comes from its original Durafoam filled beanbags called Sacs. The Company derives a majority of its current sales from its proprietary platform called Sactionals, a washable, changeable, reconfigurable, and FedEx-shippable solution for large upholstered seating. Founder and CEO, Shawn Nelson’s, “Designed for Life” philosophy emphasizes sustainable products that are built to last a lifetime and designed to evolve with the customer’s needs, providing long-term utility and ultimately reducing the amount of furniture discarded into landfills.

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