Visit us at IAITAM’s Annual Conference in Las Vegas!

May 17-19, 2022 | The M Resort | Henderson, NV

Onepak is proud to be a double gold sponsor at the IAITAM ACE event. Onepak is a carbon-neutral reverse logistics IT asset management solution. We invite you to schedule a time to meet us or stop by and visit our booth. Our CEO and our VP of Sustainability have presentations and we will be introducing our platform, ReturnCenter. Plus, you can register for our supercool afterparty!

The IAITAM ACE is an industry-leading event for IT asset management professionals. Through educational presentations covering the latest topics and an expo showcasing key solutions, this event offers knowledge and networking second to none.

Come say Hi at Booth #25-26!


ReturnCenter helps organizations master reverse logistics for equipment and lease returns, employee asset recovery, IT asset disposition, and recycling. This platform connects systems and services from your partners, vendors and customers into a transparent online returns management program that is 100% carbon neutral.

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Industry Leading Speakers from Onepak

Steve Andon
CEO & Founder

Why Take Control of Your Logistics?

Wednesday May 18, 2:15 pm

Whether you’re managing lease returns, disposition, office to office transfers, or recovering assets from remote employees, taking control of your hardware logistics lets you manage accountability and risk. Today’s logistics technology can integrate with your asset management software to provide chain of custody visibility for parcels or freight in the dashboards you use every day. By unbundling logistics from other disposition services, you gain consistency, security and visibility for every kind of asset shipment. Join us to learn about new reverse logistics technology and service options for IT asset movement that can increase your control, manage your accountability and reduce your risk.

Shawn Stockman
VP of Sustainability Solutions

Incorporating ESG into ITAM and Why You Should Care

Tuesday May 17, 10:00 am

ESG refers to Environment, Social and Governance, and is now a watchword in most industries. Incorporating an ESG mission into IT asset management can help your organization appeal to its board,
investors, vendors and customers. Learn what ESG considerations may shape an ITAM’s choice of equipment manufacturers, field service companies, logistics or ITAD providers. Learn to look beyond sustainability at the companies you choose to work with—do they value diversity? Do they treat their workers fairly? How “circular” are they? Have they actually taken steps to protect the environment? We’ll review what ESG industry standards mean for your organization.


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