Founders Future raises an additional €50 million to accelerate its Tech for Good investments

AJ Gonzalez | February 16, 2021

Yahoo Finance, ·4 min read

·4 min read
Since its creation in 2018, Founders Future has already raised €60 million. With this new capital, the fund will reach €110 million.

– Already 40% operational, this additional capital will enable it to support the men and women involved in the development of new models: food production, the circular economy, biomaterials, mobility, health, etc.

– Founders Future has already made 45 investments, of which 60% are international (Europe and US), and facilitated the creation of 1000 jobs in less than 24 months.

PARISFeb. 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Founders Future, a venture studio involved in Seed and Series A, today announced its new investment capital. With the objective of a new €50 million vehicle by the end of 2021, Founders Future has already raised 40% of the total amount. The objective: to finance new high-impact sectors with the potential for transformation in the coming years such as the circular economy, new food production models, future packaging and delivery solutions, new mobilities, and biomaterials.

Founders Future, between a fund and a startup studio

Founded by Marc Menasé in 2018, Founders Future is a venture studio as well as a VC and startup studio. Designed as a Mega Angels structure, it is intended to provide its startups with a combination of the financial capital of an investment fund and the human capital of a startup studio.

It helps the new generation of entrepreneurs create the backbone of their business during its first few years of existence. Since its creation, the fund has already invested 60 million euros, for 45 operations, of which 60% are international, and has helped create 1000 jobs in less than 24 months.

It notably helps with the transformation of traditional sectors (retail, food, health, etc.) and helps develop new ecosystems like the circular economy or mobility in France as well as internationally (Europe and US). The team’s successes include LydiaYukaEpycureLa Fourche, and Bonsoirs in France, as well as Waterdrop (Austria), B Next (Spain), Ezra (US), and Taster (UK). A distinctive characteristic of these businesses is that 30% of them have female founders or co-founders.

At the same time, Founders Future is organized around a team of around ten people headed by Marc Menasé and assisted by Valentine Baudouin, Partner, and Sarah Corne, Partner Impact.

Investing in the economy of the future

Dedicated to the women and men who make up tomorrow’s generation of businesses and entrepreneurs, this new capital will enable Founders Future to continue to facilitate the development of the economies of the future. In fact, it manages to support entities with great potential such as the circular economy, new production models, future packaging and delivery solutions, the movement of goods and people (sustainable mobility), and biomaterials.

“With more than 15 years of experience in entrepreneurship and investment, I am convinced that the market needs businesses and products that shake things up and operate in a more respectful manner. It is clear that the new generation of entrepreneurs will no longer be able to do things like before, and we want to help them and finance this new paradigm to create tomorrow’s high-impact big businesses,” explains Marc Menasé, CEO and founder of Founders Future.

In order to successfully complete this task, Founders Future for example recruited Sarah Corne in March 2020 for the position of Partner Impact, to facilitate the transition toward these new investments. Previously Associate and Business Development Director at Ulule, Sarah started her career at the NGO Positive Planet, founded by Jacques Attali, where she created and directed the Positive Planet Foundation. Sarah is on the Board of Tech For Good France and of the Fight for Dignity association.

In order to accelerate the social and ecological transition, it is now urgent to think about investment differently and to help this new generation of project-oriented entrepreneurs, who place impact at the heart of their plans. With this new capital, we would like to facilitate the scaling up of these project-oriented businesses and accelerate change,” Sarah Corne, Partner Impact at Founders Future, explains excitedly.

About Founders Future

Founders Future is a venture studio involved in Seed and Series A. Founded in 2018 by Marc Menasé. Business Angel and serial entrepreneur for more than 15 years, Marc is also the co-founder of France Digitale. Designed as a Mega Angels structure, Founders Future combines the benefits of an investment fund and a startup studio for the startups that it supports, and finances the emergence of a new generation of entrepreneurs.

Dedicated to the women and men who are inventing the economy of the future thanks to their entrepreneurial drive, Founders Future helps transform traditional sectors (retail, food, health, etc.) and promotes the development of new sectors such as the circular economy and mobility. Today, Founders Future has already committed more than €60 million, and invested in French startups such as LydiaYukaEpycureLa FourcheBonsoirsLeetoMansa , and Audion, as well as international startups such as Waterdrop (Austria), B Next (Spain), Ezra (US), and Taster (UK).

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