ESG Sustainability Principles

‘ESG’ is an increasingly prominent term used to measure corporate social responsibility. As investors shift billions of dollars away from fossil fuels, and toward companies which practice genuine sustainability, three core factors determine their future investments:

  • Minimize and measure their impact on the environment (E)
  • Operate under strong codes of social (S) ethics around gender equality, diversity and inclusion in their workforce and communities
  • Have strong governance (G) policies in place around fair and equal pay, employee rights, executive compensation, and environmentally sustainable business practices


Onepak has been committed to climate action before it was cool. Throughout our history, we have transitioned to low-carbon and reusable packaging, reduced and offset carbon emissions, and we seek to build the future with the circular economy in mind.

More than a decade ago we began our mission to facilitate accountable chains of custody by changing suppliers of corrugated cardboard for our shipping kits. In doing so, we maximized post-consumer recycled content. From there we strategically designed and implemented the largest consumer e-waste collection program in the United States by partnering with Dell’s Reconnect program. Through Reconnect, Onepak administers the pick up of truckloads of used electronics dropped off by consumers at participating Goodwill locations. Thus far, Onepak has collected over 634 million pounds of consumer e-waste and transported it to R2-Certified facilities for responsible recycling.

In the United States more than half of the 50 states have Producer Responsibility laws governing e-waste. Onepak enables our clients to be more accountable in their environmental programs by developing sophisticated software and processes supporting regulatory compliance at the federal, state and municipal levels—right down to the zip code.

OEMs use our online services to send their used electronics to recyclers as part of national takeback programs that have ensured the responsible recycling of over 1 Billion Pounds of commercial e-waste.

Businesses use our online platform at to ship their off-lease equipment to remarketers and recyclers and this equipment often provides service through a secondary life, or parts that enable refurbishment of other equipment.

Onepak actively facilitates any desired return method to maximize the volume of goods recycled. We have developed several methods of engagement for commercial and consumer users, ranging from servicing onsite pickups and drop-off locations, to providing return shipping kits and offering online shipping labels.


Onepak proactively addresses crucial areas to further empower the circular economy through connecting, communicating, and providing resources for efficient asset management.

Gender Equality & Diversity

As a technology-based company Onepak understands all too well the gender gap in STEM fields and we support organizations that inspire, mentor, and educate women in technology. Onepak actively seeks and promotes diversity in building a resilient workforce. More than twenty percent of our technology group and management are minorities and women represent almost half of our entire employee base.

Employee Wellness & Community Engagement

Onepak pays 100% of its employees’ health insurance and fully funds a Health Savings Account for their deductible. This includes plans for employees with families; virtually no deductible and no insurance premium costs fall to employees. In addition to a generous time-off policy, Onepak encourages our employees to volunteer in their community, and we provide one paid day off each year for them to do so. Onepak particularly encourages volunteerism with organizations in alignment with key company causes, including environmental sustainability and women in technology.

Workforce Development

One of the distinguishing factors in Onepak’s success is the level of training we provide to the hundreds of logistics professionals in our U.S. network. Onepak was the first company to develop a professional IT Asset Handler Certification Program a decade ago. Since then, we have deployed an online Learning Management System and mobile applications to empower first-mile professionals with the necessary skillset to consistently execute standard operating procedures (SOP) in the field.

The training our drivers and warehouse workers receive free from Onepak elevates their value to their employers and ensures a better-educated workforce to support the circular economy.

Partner Selection

Onepak values diversity in our partner network and we measure, track and work to increase the diversity of that network. We add local partners at a rapid rate, and part of our selection process includes prioritizing partners with a diverse workforce who have policies in place that reflect our values.


Our Code of Conduct & Business Ethics

Every Onepak employee signs a code of conduct that reflects our culture of integrity, honest business practices, and fair treatment of all our stakeholders. Our devotion to high standards of business ethics is apparent in our internal training, in our expedited claims policies and in the examples set by leadership in every interaction with employees, clients and customers.

External audit procedures are conducted according to GAAP and SEC regulations specifically to detect the existence of – or potential for – unethical activity such as fraud, bribery, corruption, or others.

Data Security & Privacy

We gather, manage and store data for Fortune 50 companies, among others. That privilege and responsibility comes with strict controls on data security – and an absolute commitment to privacy. Through a decade of continued growth Onepak has consistently selected tier-one cloud service providers with high redundancy standards. A few examples of controls we have in place include:

  • Extensive controls around the management of client data, including documented and signed policies regarding international privacy & security
  • Audits of all financial data and statements by a licensed, independent auditor according to GAAP and SEC 10K/10Q standards
  • Extensive controls for data security including internal policies and external information privacy and security agreements with clients
  • Regular risk management assessment from clients and independent auditors, including environmental and data security impact

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