Circular bioeconomy: A $7.7T business opportunity contributing to a sustainable world

AJ Gonzalez | November 23, 2020

WBCSD, Published: 23 Nov 2020, Type: Publication

The shift to a sustainable, low-carbon, circular bioeconomy represents a business opportunity worth USD $7.7 trillion. WBCSD’s Circular Economy program and the Forest Solutions Group in collaboration with Boston Consulting Group (BCG) have developed this report that describes this opportunity based on an increase in the use of biomaterials within different product industries, the main ones being pharmaceutical, textiles, building materials, and packaging.

The bioeconomy is an economic model based on the consumption of biological resources for the production of food and feed, products and energy. In a circular bioeconomy, biological resources are renewable, sustainably managed, recovered and reused as much as possible. This economic model is gaining momentum as a way to deliver society’s needs while responding to sustainability issues.

The report supports companies on their journey through case studies and guidance to overcome the sustainability trade-offs associated with circular bioeconomy business models.

For more information visit WBCSD’s circular economy and Forest Solutions Group work and reach out to get involved.

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