BlackRock buys stake in sustainability platform Clarity AI

AJ Gonzalez | January 21, 2021

Investment Week, Pedro Gonçalves 18 January 2021

Fintech firm enlisted to boost ESG platform

Clarity AI is a Spanish fintech firm that uses machine learning and big data to help investors understand the true impact of their investment portfolios.

The company’s proprietary tech platform performs sustainability assessments covering more than 30,000 companies, 198 countries, 187 local governments and over 200,000 funds.

BlackRock launches global unconstrained equity fund

BlackRock will integrate Clarity’s environmental and social data insights into Aladdin.

Mary-Catherine Lader, head of Aladdin sustainability at BlackRock, said: “Investors are galvanised around sustainability as a critical consideration in managing immediate and future risks, and better data is foundational to this.

“As BlackRock makes sustainability its standard for investing, we are committed to raising the standards for ESG data and technology. We are investing in new analytics and software in Aladdin and are also integrating capabilities from strategic partners like Clarity AI so clients can understand their investments’ social and environmental impact and risks.

“Clarity AI’s capabilities use machine learning to help Aladdin clients analyse a broader universe of companies, address their disclosure obligations and build more sustainable portfolios.”

BlackRock launches active ESG Asian credit fund

This investment is the latest step from BlackRock’s Aladdin platform as it continues to invest in its sustainability capabilities, which last year added 1,200 sustainability metrics and established data partnerships to help investors understand ESG and physical climate risks and opportunities.

The terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

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